4975 Sandyland Road
Carpinteria, CA 93013
All Carpinteria Shores rentals are individually owned and managed. This website is for information purposes only. To inquire about an individual unit, please follow the links to outside management websites.

Carpinteria Shores Vacation
Rental Policy

We welcome you to Carpinteria Shores and hope that you will enjoy your stay. To ensure the enjoyment of all, we ask that you observe the following house rules. 

  • Overnight occupancy is limited to six persons per unit. (A few units have a 4-person maximum). No overnight sleeping is allowed on decks or patios, in tents on the property, or in cars in our parking lot.  The person whose name the reservation is in must be present for any overnight guests. Violation will result in immediate and full forfeiture of security deposit. No subletting allowed.
  • No smoking in vacation rental units.  Also, State and City Law PROHIBITS smoking anywhere on our premises  including patios, decks, walkways, barbecue deck, parking lot, etc. 
  • No pets allowed.
  • No feeding birds.
  • No loud noise or music allowed at any time. Do not disturb the other guests. No loud parties. Quiet time is at 10pm.
  • Please report any breakage or damage to the office immediately.
    Children may not use the parking lot or hallway as play areas. No skateboards, bicycles or rollerblades, etc. in parking lot or hallways.
    Nothing is to be hung from decks, patios or balconies. Please do not use them as storage areas. Please do not put anything on rails that could fall; plants, drinks, towels, wet suits, bathing suits, etc.
  • Barbecue grills are not allowed on patios or balconies. Barbecue grills are provided on the barbecue deck.
  • City of Carpinteria Ordinance #4902B prohibits campfires on the beach.
  • There is one parking space per unit. Cars in wrong area will be towed at owner's expense. Boats or jet skis may not be parked in the lot - no exceptions. Do not back into your space. No car maintenance in the lot.
  • If someone is in your parking space please do not move to another spot - notify the manager.
  • Please clean tar from your feet before entering the building.
  • We provide a large waste area in the northwest corner of the lot.
  • No removal of furniture, kitchen utensils, dishes, blankets or bedding from units.
  • Please secure windows and doors as we are not responsible for theft. We are also not responsible for damage to vehicles in the parking lot.
  • There is a coin laundry in the southeast corner of the building on each floor. Hours are 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
  • Fire extinguishers are located on each floor. Do not store combustible or flammable materials in your unit.
  • Before clamming, please check with the Ranger Station. There may be a fine or they may be contaminated!
  • Please be careful handling appliances with wet hands and feet.
    Mail is received in the office and can be left for pick up during office hours.

Thank you in advance for respecting the house rules. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your rental agency.

Rental Features:

  • Furnished 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Apartments
  • Fully Equipped Kitchens
  • Free High-Speed Wi-fi
  • Basic Cable TV & DVD Player
  • Coin-Operated Washer & Dryers
Thanks for your wonderful hospitality!
Christine O.